Green Jobs, Green Homes

What if we could fight climate change and save New Yorkers billions on their utility bills?
What if we could ensure that the benefits of the new Green economy are shared by all of us?

We can. Working Families is leading the fight for a groundbreaking program to Green one million New York homes, massively reducing our carbon footprint, lowering energy bills, and creating thousands of family-supporting jobs.

The Green revolution is here, but it’s up to us to make sure everyone in New York sees its benefits. As energy prices skyrocket, upgrading New York’s homes to maximize their energy efficiency can keep housing affordable for working families (tenants and homeowners alike) and apply the promise of green technology to the problems of today.

How it Works

The Green Jobs / Green Homes NY Campaign will create a program to offer green “retrofits” at no upfront cost to homeowners and landlords. A portion of the energy savings will be used to pay back the construction costs so more homes can be upgraded too.

How big can we go?

With the right investment, we can upgrade one million homes over the next five years, saving working families up to 30% (over $1,000 a year on average) on their total energy costs. All that construction work can create tens of thousands of living-wage, green jobs that New York’s economy needs. And the program will jump-start demand for Green materials we can make right here in New York.

Join us, and help make New York a leader in fighting climate change and a model for ensuring the Green economy leaves no one behind.

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