Clean Elections

The only way to make sure politicians put working people first is to kick the big-money crowd out of political campaigns.

That’s why the WFP is fighting for public financing of elections, a bold idea that would radically level the playing field between working families and powerful corporate interests.

Like the system that the WFP helped pass in New York City in 1998, a statewide public campaign finance program would cap big-money donations and match low-dollar contributions with public money – if a candidate can demonstrate genuine support in their community

It would mean you wouldn’t need a Rolodex full of wealthy contacts to serve in public office, and politicians could spend their time legislating instead of fundraising.

It would make sure the real power behind political campaigns in New York is the grassroots power of ordinary people, not big corporations or the real estate industry. And it would save New York taxpayers millions by getting rid of the pay-to-play system responsible for so much corporate welfare and government waste.

The Working Families Party’s campaign for clean elections scored a big victory in the Spring of 2008 when the State Assembly passed a groundbreaking campaign finance bill.  Sadly, Republicans in the State Senate failed to bring the bill — the most important political reform in a generation — to a vote.

More on Public Financing of Elections from the Center for Working Families, the WFP’s favorite think tank.

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