Vote Working Families!

Voting Working Families means voting your values. It means taking a progressive stand, and sending a message about the world you want to see.

2009electionssquareOne where the economy works for everyone, where politicians put working people before CEOs, and where basic rights like access to healthcare or time off to take care of a sick family member are upheld.

Working Families is a third party with a twist. In New York, “fusion” voting lets one party (like the WFP) “cross endorse” the same candidate as another party. The votes from each party are tallied separately, but then combined for that candidate’s total. It gives voters a way to “vote their values” by voting for the party of their choice without spoiling an election.

Before every election, Working Families members across the state interview the candidates, ask the tough questions, and then endorse the candidate who promises to fight for working people once in office. Sometimes we don’t endorse either candidate. Sometimes we run our own.

Voting Working Families also helps build progressive power in New York, because unlike other political parties, our work doesn’t end on election day. We’re always fighting – in Albany and in towns and cities across New York – for a working families-friendly agenda. Working Families votes help empower our work and push politicians to support progressive legislation.

Take the Pledge: I’m voting for change and I mean it. I’m voting for my candidates on the Working Families line – “Row E”

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