Endorsement Process


WFP Members Listen to Candidates, then Ask the Hard Questions

Politicians seeking the WFP’s endorsement go through a rigorous endorsement process. First, they apply by filling out our notoriously thorough questionnaire.  We want to know where they stand on all the issues the Working Families Party champions, everything from universal healthcare, to fair tax reform, to building the green economy.

Next, candidates appear before local screening committees, where WFP chapter members have the chance to question prospective candidates face to face.  In today’s politics, it’s an all too rare moment that politicians have to answer directly to ordinary people, but that’s what the WFP is all about.

Endorsements are recommended by local chapters, then confirmed by the WFP’s statewide Executive Committee, made up of representatives from chapters across the state and the WFP’s affiliated community groups and unions (endorsements in New York City go first to the NYC Coordinating Committee). Chapter recommendations can only be overridden by a two-thirds majority, it doesn’t happen often.

Sometimes the WFP won’t make an endorsement if there isn’t a candidate who’ll fight for working families.  Sometimes, we run our own candidates to show working people can’t be taken for granted.

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