A 19-vote landslide

This morning, they finally counted the last ballots in the last State Senate race. Once the votes were counted, Cecilia Tkaczyk was declared the winner. By 19 votes.

Nineteen votes has never felt like a bigger landslide.

It’s a landslide because it proves that our strategy — to find strong progressive local leaders and help them run for higher office — works. It proves that by identifying great candidates like Cece and giving them the support and training they need for the campaign trail, we can put our state back on the right path.

We want to repeat this success in 2014. And in 2016. And over and over again, until we have incredible candidates running — and winning — in every race across the state.

Will you help us celebrate Cece’s victory by supporting our Candidate Pipeline trainings to elect progressives across New York with a contribution of $19 today?

Here’s the thing about Cece’s victory: she was never supposed to win. She was never expected to come close. Her opponent was some millionaire Assemblyman pegged for a promotion, and the district was hand-carved to give him an easy victory.

But then she started talking about ending the corrupting influence of big money in politics, and people started to listen.

Cece made the race about getting money out of politics and getting people back in. And, with the lessons she learned at our Candidate Pipeline training and support from too many allies to name, she ran one hell of a campaign. Her victory shows that a local leader, running with grassroots support and talking about issues people really care about, can win anywhere.

We’re incredibly proud of Cece. But we want her victory to be a starting point, not an ending.

Will you help us elect dedicated local leaders to higher office by supporting the Candidate Pipeline Project with $19 today?


-Dan Cantor, WFP


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