Knock knock

I’m Nilsa, a field organizer with the Working Families Party.

Almost any day of the year, you can find me in some small town, knocking on doors and talking to people about the issues that matter in Albany and Washington.

It’s not a glamorous job, and I’m definitely not out here for the money. I knock on doors because grassroots power is how we win. It’s how we make important change for New York’s working families.

And I knock on doors because I want to help make this state and this country a better place for my sons to grow up.

I’m out here because of you. Your contribution of just $15 today can help provide us with the clipboards and pens we need all year.

Going door to door isn’t easy work. In the summer, it’s sweltering hot. In the winter, it’s freezing cold. Sometimes it rains. But no matter the weather, I’ll be out here knocking anyway.

Those of us who do this work know how important it is. We get out the vote for elections. We collect petition signatures and letters to deliver to legislators on issues from getting big money out of politics to stopping fracking to raising the minimum wage. And we spread the word about the WFP, helping the party set new record vote totals.

I want my boys to grow up in a better world than mine. A world where we’ve begun to deal with climate change. Where public schools give everyone a fair shot. And where a fair day’s work guarantees a fair day’s pay. Together, we need to push our elected officials to make that happen.

Last year, Working Families organizers knocked on about half a million doors (I knocked on 11,229 myself), and talked to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. To our elected officials, that means hundreds of thousands of voters. And knowing that is sure to change some minds in the Capitol.

Your contribution of $15 today can help keep us going by keeping our vans full of gas and our pockets full of the hand-warmers we’ll need to keep going this winter.

Thanks for your support,

- Nilsa Toledo, WFP

P.S. — We don’t take any corporate money, so we count on grassroots supporters like you for everything. That’s why our end-of-the-year fundraising drive is so important. Our goal is to raise $25,000 before the end of the year. Your contribution today helps us get a little closer. Thanks again for your support.



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