Romney/Ryan 2012

Paul Ryan is young, and telegenic and dangerous. And Mitt Romney just named him as his Vice Presidential pick.

Remember him? He’s the Congressman who wrote the Tea Party plan to end Medicare as we know it. And his solution to America’s problems? More tax cuts for the very richest.

It’s scary, but we’ve got a sure-fire way to beat these ideas: tell the truth about them.

New Yorkers are used to getting ignored in Presidential Election years. But for Congress, this year, we’re the nation’s biggest swing state, with at least eight Congressional races up for grabs. The road to control of Congress runs right through New York.

Can you contribute $15 today to help defeat Paul Ryan’s destructive ideas and to help elect a Congress that will protect Medicare and Social Security?

You thought Sarah Palin was bad? Paul Ryan is just as extreme, but he’s clever. So he’s even more dangerous.

I won’t sugar-coat it here: the plan Ryan proposed in Congress is a sure-fire way to throw millions of seniors into poverty. It’s a promise to do less for each other and concentrate more wealth at the top.

(Never mind, of course, that Ryan himself depended on Social Security survivors’ benefits early in life. Now that he’s found success, he thinks everyone else should have to fend for themselves.)

But a little race last year in upstate New York showed the model for our plans. Democratic and Working Families candidate Kathy Hochul was running in a rural, red district New York’s North Country. Together, we turned the race into a referendum on the newly-announced plan, authored by Paul Ryan, to eviscerate Medicare. WFP activists, volunteers and staff knocked on tens of thousands of doors to spread the word. But because of you, we won — and stopped Paul Ryan’s plan in its tracks.

But helping Kathy Hochul last year was expensive. Grassroots donors like you pitched in tens of thousands of dollars. We’ll need to raise even more for all of our races this year. We’ll put staff on the ground in our key districts and do everything possible to take back the house.

We don’t have the backing of Sheldon Adelson or any super PAC. We just have you.

Contribute $15 today to help defeat Paul Ryan’s destructive ideas and take back the House!

Thanks for your support,

-Dan Cantor, WFP



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