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Senator Rush Limbaugh?

Yesterday, Republican Congressman Bob Turner announced his candidacy for US Senate, to run against Kirsten Gillibrand.

His claim to fame, before being elected to Congress? He put Rush Limbaugh on TV.[1] Yep, the same Rush Limbaugh who called a woman who dared to testify before Congress a “slut” and a “prostitute” for supporting insurance coverage of birth control.

New Yorkers deserve to know whether Congressman Turner agrees with Limbaugh’s extremist views — and whether he will vote for them as Senator.  So we’re asking.

Will you co-sign our letter to Rep. Turner asking him if he shares his old pal’s despicable views on women and women’s rights?

Almost 50 years ago, New York’s most famous Republican governor, Nelson Rockefeller, denounced an earlier generation of right-wing extremists — the John Birchers and other opponents of the civil rights movement — who had taken over his party.

“These are people who have nothing in common with Americanism,” Gov. Rockefeller said in his speech at the RNC. “The Republican Party must repudiate these people.”[2]

We have reached that point again. Extremists have taken over the Republican Party, and even the self-described “moderates” are afraid to stand up to them.

States from New Hampshire to Texas have introduced laws to limit women’s health care access. In Arizona, a proposed bill would allow employers to fire women for using birth control.[3] The reactionary right is waging a war on women. And Rush Limbaugh is on the front lines.

Congressman Bob Turner put Rush Limbaugh on TV and gave a bigger platform to the right wing’s biggest woman-hater. In his campaign for Congress, Turner boasted of his relationship with Rush.[4] Does he share Rush’s hateful worldview? Does he also call women who he disagrees with “FemiNazis”? New Yorkers deserve to know. And that’s why we’re asking.

Join us in asking Bob Turner if he’ll repudiate Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right wing’s attacks on women.


-Karen Scharff, WFP Co-chair

-Dan Cantor, WFP Executive Director





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