G whiz, don’t cut the G train!

The MTA is about to make it a lot harder to get around Brooklyn.

After service cuts and fare hikes, the MTA’s 2009 decision to extend the G train was a welcome change. But now, the transit agency has reversed course, and plans to cut the G back to its old route, ending at Smith-9th. That means no G service to Park Slope or Kensington, and no transfer to the N/R line.

We know the MTA is short on dough. But this is just wrong You want to get around Brooklyn without having to go through Manhattan? Say, from Greenpoint to the Slope? You’ll just have to wait for the F.

The MTA has cut and cut, and the system is feeling the strain. We can’t let them take back the only improvement they’ve made in years.

Tell the MTA to save the full G train route!

The full G route has made it much easier to get around Brooklyn. Commuters can travel from north Brooklyn to points south with fewer transfers – and without making a detour into Manhattan. It has made life easier for thousands of working families.

If the MTA cuts G service back as planned, it will take three trains – and more than an hour of travel time – to get from Williamsburg or Greenpoint to Bay Ridge.

As L Magazine wrote this week, “The G train is the only line in the whole system that doesn’t go into Manhattan. These days, the MTA should be looking to expand such non-Manhattan-centric interborough travel—not restrict it.”

Don’t let the MTA cut back the “Brooklyn Local.” Tell the MTA: Save the G train!


Thanks for your support,

-Dan Cantor, WFP


In less than a day, nearly 2,000 Brooklynites signed our petition to urge the MTA to preserve the full G train service. And your pressure is already working.

According to WNYC, “when the Working Families Party started circulating a petition this week … the MTA appeared to have a change of heart.”

Now, the MTA is saying they’re not sure if they’ll keep or end the full G train service. The transit authority’s shift is important, and we need to seize the momentum. Now is the time to keep the pressure on until the MTA commits to keeping the full G line in tact.

Sign the petition now to tell the MTA to save the G train!



-Joe Dinkin, WFP



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