Free speech: 1, Frackers: 0

After a Republican member of Congress had award-winning filmmaker Josh Fox arrested for trying to film a public hearing on fracking, more than 30,000 WFP supporters signed a petition supporting Fox.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney rebuked the Republican Congressman who ordered the arrest by dropping all charges. To thank you for your support through the whole struggle, Josh sent this message:

I cannot thank you enough for signing the petition in my defense and in defense of the first amendment.  Journalists have been arrested this year at alarming rates and if ever we had to stick up for our rights it is now.

I hope you can read my statement on Facebook as well as heed the statements below from WFP.  I sincerely hope you stay engaged with the fight against fracking in the US and throughout the world. It is truly a fight worth being committed to.

Thank you again so much for your support, I was truly moved by the numbers of people who stood up and I feel extremely grateful for your action.See you out there in the next round.

Let’s work together to keep our water and air clean and towards the promotion of a renewable energy economy instead of compromising our democracy and health for the profits of gas companies.

- Josh

His longer message on Facebook is definitely worth a read.

And the fight against fracking continues. We already know that fracking can poison groundwater and threaten our communities. But we still don’t know what they’re putting into the ground. That needs to change.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D, WFP – NY) has introduced the FRAC Act, which would require that companies disclose the chemical makeup of their drilling fluids and, even more importantly, comply with the safety regulations of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. But unfortunately, it’s stuck in committee in both the House and Senate.

Our water is too valuable to leave to chance, and the companies that drill for gas have shown an unacceptable disregard for our safety. The hearing Josh was trying to film when he was arrested was about the new EPA report that fracking in Pavillion, Wyoming, likely caused the water pollution in that area. Pavillion is just one place where federal officials have linked fracking to polluted water — if the process continues, it certainly won’t be the last.

Please take a moment to sign on as a citizen cosponsor of the FRAC Act. Our voices can give the important legislation a much-needed push.



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