How to Lower Your Property Taxes…

Tax Wall Street Bonuses to Fund Property Tax Relief and Protect Vital Services

Every year politicians claim they will reduce our property taxes. But no matter who we elect, our taxes keep rising. That needs to change.

The Working Families Party is calling on the New York State Legislature to pass real property tax relief immediately, and we have something that most politicians don’t: a responsible and fair way to pay for it, by taking back some of the Wall Street bonuses paid for by your tax dollars.

Sign our petition to Albany — take back the bonuses and give us property tax relief:

We were all outraged last year when the same bankers who got billions of our tax dollars in the bailout turned around and paid themselves billions in bonuses. And they did it while millions of working families were struggling to hold on to their homes.

Our plan is simple: Anyone who got a bonus of more than $50,000 last year (bet you didn’t) needs to refund a portion of that moneyto help cash-strapped New York homeowners pay less in property taxes and keep our schools and hospitals going strong during this economic crunch.

This would deliver lower property taxes for the middle- and working-class homeowners who need it most. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, Albany politicians aren’t ready to do this yet — but if they hear from thousands of outraged New York homeowners, we can make them see the light. Sign the petition and share it with everyone you know:


Sam Williams and Bob Master, WFP Co-Chairs
Dan Cantor, WFP Executive Director



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