Our Subway Ad Against Fare Hikes

Help us take our fight against MTA fare hikes where it matters most: the subway.

We’ve got a great ad we think will grab riders’ attention and put pressure directly on the Mayor to solve this crisis. But we need to raise about $25,000 to put it up, and we don’t have much time before the cuts take effect.

Can you help? Pitch in $2.25 — or whatever you can afford — to get this ad up in the subway right away:


The cost of just one subway or bus ride will help us fight to keep the fare from going up later this year. And our ad makes it clear that Mayor Bloomberg is on the hook for solving this crisis.

Bloomberg ran his whole campaign last year on the promise of “No more excuses” from the MTA. But since the fare hikes were proposed, he’s been the one making excuses — as if he doesn’t have enough pull with the MTA, state legislators and his own city government to solve this problem.

Help us pay for our subway ad and send a strong message to Mayor Bloomberg: No more excuses. It’s time to step up and save transit riders.




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