Major Update on Student MetroCards

Students and Supporters Get More Time

Student leaders delivered 5,000 of your petitions to the MTA last week.

Great news: After weeks of pressure, student leaders from the Urban Youth Collaborative convinced the MTA Chairman to delay the final vote on eliminating student MetroCards.

These students have done incredible work, and this is a big step forward — but now we have to use the extra time to push New York City and State officials to pay their fair share of funding to keep student MetroCards free.

Let’s show Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson that we’re not backing down.
Ask your fellow New Yorkers to sign the petition and help us reach our new goal of 10,000 signers:

We’re at the final step in the fight to save student MetroCards. If City and State leaders come through with funding, students across NYC will still be able to attend school for free next year.

But it’s an uphill battle. The City and State are supposed to contribute fair portions of money to fund student passes – but Albany politicians have slashed the State’s share of funding again and again, and Mayor Bloomberg has been missing in action when it comes to the City’s funds.

It’s time to turn up the heat on our City and State leaders. Help us reach 10,000 petitions to save student MetroCards by making sure you and everyone you know have signed:


Bryan and the Working Families Party



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