WFP TweetCorps Wants You!

Twitter. If Matt Groening were still doing ‘Life in Hell‘ he’d add that word to the list of ‘forbidden words for 2009.

That being said, Twitter is turning out to be a powerful tool for social change – when wielded properly. And so, without further ado, the Working Families Party TweetCorps recruitment pitch:

Join the WFP TweetCorps, and help us get out the vote and promote the best local candidates for office this year. It’s easy!

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Be alert for special #Tweetcorps messages from Working Families
  3. ReTweet those messages to your followers

So simple! Yet so rewarding too. Our goal is to reach at least 10,000 people with our election day tweets. And we’re open to your best ideas as well. As a first step, we’re going to start following hundreds of our supporters we’ve identified as fellow Twitterers but who never bothered to follow us in the past.

Working Families is supporting some of the best candidates ever this year in communities across the state, from Buffalo to Brookhaven. Local elections often see much lower turnout at the polls – meaning that each and every vote cast is actually worth more.

Are you a new or old member of the WFP ¬†Tweetcorps? Give us a ‘hooah!’ below and we’ll RT one of your upcoming tweets – as long as it’s in support of a fairer shake for middle- and working-class New Yorkers.

At ease, Tweetcorps!


6 Responses to “WFP TweetCorps Wants You!”

  1. abornfan7 says:


  2. Samuel Abram says:


    My twitter: ironcurtainyc

  3. franz says:

    Super good idea, and I look forward to pushing out the message.

    What small suggestion, Before this Hashmark becomes standard, what about pushing a hashmark with a smaller number of characters and something that had some sort of wfp messaging or branding inherent in the hashmark?

    anyway, Hooah! and keep fighting the good fight for social justice!

  4. ascottfalk says:

    Hooah indeed!

  5. rico49 (rico49) 's status on Friday, 28-Aug-09 17:00:07 UTC - says:

    [...] [...]

  6. Eric Brooks says:

    Good idea. Look forward to seeing the #Tweetcorps in action!

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