De Blasio Is Back on the Ballot

Democracy triumphed over bureaucracy today. City Room (NYT) reports:

City Councilman Bill de Blasio, a Brooklyn Democrat who had been removed from the Democratic party line in the September primary election because of a one-digit typographical error, was reinstated on the ballot on Tuesday by the New York City Board of Elections.

It’s been noted before that New York has some of the most arcane election rules in the country. As de Blasio wrote on Huffington Post last week:

…Because of New York’s arcane election laws, the democratic choice of over one hundred thousand voters could be undone due to a minor typo on our petition coversheet. In New York City, the smallest error can make every signature a candidate gathers invalid, even if you have more than ten times the number of signatures needed.

We especially agree that “genuine grassroots support should determine who gets on the ballot, not who can best navigate an archaic bureaucracy. ”

It’s almost (but not quite) a good thing that De Blasio faced and overcame this challenge. It’s an opportunity to get the word out about a terrific (WFP endorsed) candidate for Public Advocate, and the insanity of our some of our election laws.

Visit the Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate campaign website.


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