An iTunes Tax?!

Seen the details of Gov. Paterson’s proposed budget?

There are dozens of regressive taxes — on sugar, on car registrations, on health insurance, on clothes, on going to the movies, and even a tax on downloading music.  In total, billions of dollars in tax hikes on working families.

At the same time, there are substantial cuts in public services working people rely on — schools, clinics, libraries, after-school programs, disabled services, and more.

The Governor is asking everyone to sacrifice — everyone except wealthy New Yorkers who can most afford to do so.

Let’s get real. Tough times call for shared sacrifice, from everyone. For some, it will mean budget cuts. For the rich, it should mean paying a little more in taxes to help ease the crisis.  It’s fair and fiscally sound, but it’s glaringly absent from the Governor’s plan.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. Paterson and Albany leaders: A fair budget means asking everyone to sacrifice.

On Monday, the WFP released a poll showing 75% of New Yorkers favored a modest tax increase on the rich to help balance the budget.

That’s no surprise. Over the last 30 years, the wealthiest New Yorkers have seen their income taxes cut in half.  Now, Donald Trump pays the same state tax rate as the doormen who guard his buildings.

When the rich don’t pay their fair share, the rest of us do.  That fact became abundantly clear on Tuesday when the Governor announced his budget plan.

There’s a better approach.  Asking the wealthy to contribute a little more in taxes would spare New York some of the most painful budget cuts, and spare working families a cost of living increase they can’t afford.

This is a winnable fight.  The legislature will debate the Governor’s proposal and offer its own ideas. If Albany leaders hear our voice, the budget we end up with could be far better than the one the Governor announced Tuesday.

Take two seconds to speak up for a ‘fair share’ budget:



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