WFP Launches Campaign to Keep Term Limits in Voters’ Hands

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Contact: Dan Levitan

Working Families Party launches where New Yorkers Can Tell Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council Not to End Term Limits Legislatively

NEW YORK- Leaders of the Working Families Party gathered today at City Hall to announce a campaign to oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed legislative extension of term limits.

“This is a power grab, plain and simple and the members of the New York City Council should reject it” said Dan Cantor, the WFP’s Executive Director. “If New Yorkers want to extend term limits, Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council should allow voters to make that choice.”

“According to our city’s media elites- three men in a room is unacceptable in Albany. But apparently three publishers in a room superimposing their will over the will of the people is just dandy.”

“This is not about where you stand on term limits or even whether or not you think Mike Bloomberg has been a good Mayor. This is about the rules of the game and the fact that in our democracy you don’t get to change them at the end of the fourth quarter just because your team wants to keep playing,” said Cantor.

“ is an effort to let the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who are appalled by this power grab log on and make their voices heard. The media and business elite in this town want to shut out the voices of regular voters. The rooms might not be smoke filled anymore, but Murdoch, Zuckerman, Sulzberger and Bloomberg are trying to create the twenty first century’s Tammany Hall. Today we are saying no and encouraging all New Yorkers who believe their democracy belongs to them to log on, stand up and be counted.”

The union backed party’s Executive Committee recently voted to reject the legislation expected to be introduced by the City Council to override two previous voter referendums and allow the Mayor Bloomberg and sitting Council people to run for third terms. In the coming days and weeks the WFP will be working aggressively with its members to make sure the voices of regular New Yorkers are heard in this debate.

“The Working Families Party has always been about ‘small d’ democracy-and there’s no reason a democratic vote was good enough before, but suddenly isn’t. We know the grassroots power of ordinary people, and we will be unleashing that voice to tell these leaders that New Yorkers will not be steamrolled,” added Cantor.




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